Shoe storage is more than just a problem of “Where are my shoes?” For most women and many men who have a shoe wardrobe, there is a need to organize your shoes so you may find just the right shoe when you need it. Many people have several pairs of work shoes, casual shoes, and “dressy” occasion shoes. If a person participates in sports such as running, golf, and/or tennis they, more than likely, will have several pairs of activity-specific shoes. Where and how to store them is a problem that needs to be solved. Here are a few tips from Storage Quest Caroline Springs Storage.

Storage for small spaces

The answer to this problem is probably different for each of us. If you have a small apartment, space is precious. If you have space in your closet that would seem to be the logical place to store your shoes. However, if closet space is limited you might want to just store the most commonly used shoes there. There are many small shoe storage units that can be added to your closet, or one can build their own with very little experience. An under the bed storage unit on wheels would be great to store the less worn shoes. An entryway closet would give you space to keep extra shoes and still leave room for you to hang coats. Again, a small homemade shoe storage unit to fit on the floor would meet your needs.

under bed shoe storage

Storage for larger spaces

If you own your home you will have more flexibility to add semi-permanent shoe storage. It is nice if you can dedicate one wall to shelves for storage. If this is the case you might actually store the shoes in the boxes they come from the store in. In this case, you can take and print out a small picture of the shoe and attach it to the end of the box. This allows you to see which shoes are in a specific box and is great for finding the shoe you are seeking. If you don’t have a large space available, consider storing some of your un-used larger items into Caroline Springs Storage to make room for your new shoe shelving project.

wall of shoes

Mudrooms are great for added storage

Mudrooms are great for shoe storage for the whole family. For the children, there should be an individual space for the child to keep their school shoes, their play shoes, and their all-weather shoes. This is also a good place for adults to store their all-weather shoes and perhaps running shoes. In some homes, the entryway might serve as the mudroom; in other homes, it might be a back porch or a room that is located between the garage and the rest of the house.

mud room with shoe storage

We hope you have gotten some ideas that will help you personalize your shoe space. As always, a good internet search will be helping you decide exactly what will fill your needs. For more storage tips from Storage Quest – Caroline Springs Storage click here.