A pet can enhance your life by providing unconditional love and companionship. The right pet can also improve quality of life and promote a healthy lifestyle. Choosing the right pet for your home is essential for having the best relationship possible with the animal. Don’t let a small living space deter you from becoming a pet owner. Storage units, like those at Self Storage Deer Park, can provide the additional space you need. You can still enjoy small space living and have a pet at the same time.

Everyone loves a cute kitten and a playful puppy, but these pets might not be the right choice for your family’s lifestyle. Use these tips for choosing the right pet for your home so you can have a long and happy relationship with the animal you adopt.

Cat and Dog under a blanket


How much time do you have each day to dedicate towards caring for a pet? All animals will require care and some will be more time consuming than others.

Fish in an aquarium require a minimal amount of time for routine care and would make good pets for a busy family that are rarely at home.

A puppy will require a huge time investment each day for walking, grooming, feeding, playing and training. Puppies and adult dogs don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time, so consider work and school schedules before choosing a puppy.

dog holding lead in mouth at front door


How much space do you have for a pet? A small apartment is not suitable for large Great Dane dog, but might be just right for a small breed dog.

Horse tack and feed can easily be stored at Self Storage Deer Park while your horse is boarded on a nearby ranch. Large bird cages, fish tanks and other over-sized pieces of pet equipment can be stored at Self Storage Deer Park during times of relocation, down-sizing, remodelling or transition.

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Owning a pet will cost money. The cost of food, veterinarian care, and grooming products should be considered before choosing a pet.

You don’t want a pet that you can’t afford to keep, so consider the daily expense and potential emergency expenses before adopting an animal. Generally speaking, the larger the animal, the more it will cost to care for it.

Don’t Impulse Buy

Many people became pet owners on the spur of the moment with an impulse buy. Those animals usually end up re-homed or given to a shelter because after the initial excitement wears off, reality sets in that someone has to take care of the animal.

Research the type of animal you’re considering for adoption. Check out the type of temperament it has to determine if it will be a good fit your family. Some pets don’t like small children, some animals are very energetic and demand a lot of physical activity, others like to lay around all day and do nothing. Consider all characteristics of the animal before adopting.

pet budgie sitting on cage