If you live in an apartment, you might find yourself yearning for the outdoors when you’re inside at home. You want the loveliness of blooming plants with plenty of colour and scent in your home. You also want something practical like herbs you can use for cooking. There are many ways to bring the beautiful natural world into your personal interior spaces. One of the best is with an indoor garden. Indoor gardens have many advantages. They are beautiful, easy to create and make a fun project for the homeowner. Here are a few tips from Self Storage Caroline Springs 

indoor garden

Choose your materials

The first thing to think about is the kind of garden you want. You might like something understated such as a few spider plants just to add a subtle hint of colour to your home. Some people love the idea of having lots of different plants in their home in varied sizes and textures. They want to go big and make the flowers and plants an integral part of their spaces. In all cases, think about where you’re going to place the indoor garden. You might want to designate a specific space in the apartment such as an area in the dining room or the entryway. This offers you an excellent opportunity to put your stamp on your apartment.

indoor garden

Create a plant wall

Plant walls are another solution many people love. Use Self Storage Caroline Springs while your renovate the space. Self Storage Caroline Springs will make sure you have enough space in the home to accommodate the wall you have in mind. Get everything out of the way before you begin. You’ll want to make sure the entire wall is clear of any obstacles that might get in your way. Any wall should make use of varied types of plants. For example, you might have one plant that hangs down entire length of the wall to give it interest. Other, smaller plants add much needed detail that makes the whole thing come alive.

garden wall

Other kinds of spaces

Many apartment dwellers have access to at least some outdoor spaces. You might have your own little terrace or a patio space that is reserved for your use if you have a ground floor space. You can also close off the space by adding windows so it’s truly an indoor garden. Think about the kind of light it gets before doing any plantings. Make sure that all of your plants have enough light to grow properly. Any small space can work to bring the outdoors inside your home. For example, another space for an indoor garden is a window sill that gets lots of sunlight. All you need is a bit of room and you can bring out several pots of herbs. Fresh herbs are easy to grow and make any apartment smell nice. Contact the storage experts at Self Storage Caroline Springs to book your storage today.