Melbourne is one Australia’s leading cities. People move here in order to enjoy the city’s many pleasures including museums and great places to eat. Not only are there lots of places to hang out indoors, but there’s plenty of places to enjoy the region’s mild climate outdoors. If you’d like to get that camping gear out of Self Storage Caroline Springs, you’ll find lots of camping spaces just waiting for your arrival. You can pick from many varied types of terrain that will let you admire the stars, the sand, the sea and the many wonders that make Australia such a wonderful place to live.

Cape Conran Gippsland

If beaches are your one of your favourite pleasures, Cape Conran in Gippsland is an ideal place for relaxing a quick walk from the shore. Bring that camping gear from Self Storage Caroline Springs to Cape Conran campgrounds. The grounds like a mere one hundred meters from the beach. Keep in mind that this is a hugely popular place to go camping so you’ll want to take full advantage of your ability to reserve a space well in advance. You can reserve a place here for the Easter holiday up to a year before you head out and camp.

Cape Conran Nature Trail

Blanket Bay in Otway National Park

This is an excellent place for people who really like their camping and want to spend lots of time doing it in of the most beautiful of all Australian parks. Panoramic views are yours for the taking once you spend any time at all on the trails. You’ll also have lots of chances to see some of the most iconic wildlife in Australia up close as you stroll these trails. Get your best photographic equipment out of Self Storage Caroline Springs and be prepared to take lots of amazing photographs everywhere you look.

Blanket Bay Campground

Halls Gap Lakeside

The Grampians are some of the most adored mountains in the country. If you’ve never seen them before in person, they make a worthy day trip and even more of an overnight trip. Powered campsites with lots of room to stretch out are waiting for you to come here. There’s also a heated pool so you can take a dip whenever you like. The lakeside locations offers many amenities that make it easy to explore the area. Take that canoe and go fishing on the lake, ride horses and get a close look at flocks of wild cockatoos.

Halls Gap Lakeside

Wye River Foreshore

Wild Rye River has long been a favoured place for people who want to get in touch with nature again. The Foreshore Campground makes it easy for people to find a good place to get that adventure going. You’ll find lots of gorgeous waterfront property where you can sit and admire the view to the other side. This is a good place to see koalas in the wild and enjoy it all to yourself. If you are looking for seclusion and getting away from it all, this one should be on your list.