It’s something we all face in homes that drives frustration and irritation; the oncoming clutter storm. The busier life gets, the more clutter takes up space in your home. Usual clear bench tops become graveyards for old documents, junk mail and kids toys. You neat and organised cupboards become messy and disorganised, with random items being thrown in to get them out of site and out of mind. It’s time to take a stand and say no to clutter with these home storage hacks from Storage Quest’s Deer Park Storage.

A kitchen garbage bin on the inside of a cabinet door

Instead of putting a trash can out on the kitchen floor, make some space by mounting the bin on a cabinet door. This keeps your trash out of sight and frees up space in your kitchen.

kitchen bin

Lined baskets for the kids’ toys

If you have an issue with kids’ games and toys sitting around on the carpet in your living room or sitting room, a few fabric lined baskets can help. Organise the toys and games in three or four lined wicker baskets and slide them into the wide shelf of a bookcase. The toys are organised as well as easily accessible to your kids. Deer Park Storage is a logical solution if you’re looking for a place to store the toys your children no longer play with. You can keep the toys in storage until you decide whether to give them away or sell them.

kids toy basket

A hanging shoe organiser

Do you have pairs of shoes laying all over the floor of your bedroom? Get a hanging shoe organiser and put it on the inside of one of your closet doors. The clear plastic pockets on this organiser allow you to see all of your shoes at a glance while keeping them off the floor.

hanging shoe rack

A magnetic strip for knives

Searching for one type of knife in a drawer filled with them can be aggravating. As an alternative, install a magnetic strip on a kitchen wall and attach all of your knives to it. This storage solution keeps your knives in good condition and lets you find the one you need right away.

magnetic knife strip

An antique trunk that doubles as a coffee table

An antique trunk makes a stylish addition to a living room, sitting room or bedroom. Plus, you can store items inside your coffee table until you need them. Extra blankets, pillows and more would fit nicely into an antique trunk that is also one of the highlights of your home’s décor.

vintage trunk

Deer Park Storage

If your home doesn’t have a spare room to store excess belongings or outdated pieces of furniture that you don’t use, but aren’t ready to throw away, then consider renting a space with Deer park Storage. Storage Quest’s Deer Park Storage facility is conveniently located, affordable and offers wide driveways for easy unit loading. To book your Deer Park Storage, click here.