When it comes to designing and building houses, open plan living is becoming exceedingly popular. With space in high demand and blocks of land getting smaller, buyers are turning towards creative space-saving hacks and creative designs that give off the illusion of more space. If you’re thinking of renovating your house, read these tips from Storage Quest Self Storage Deer Park.

house overlooking pool

High Ceilings

One of the best ways to create an illusion of more space on a small block of land is to build up. High ceilings will create a sense of freedom and more space and will also assist with airflow throughout the entire house which will have a calming effect on the household. As well as having a practical element, high ceilings are an elegant, highly sort out design feature that will make your house stand out.

high ceiling

Open Spaces

Living in a house with living spaces separated by walls is not only claustrophobic but wastes a lot of valuable space. By designing an open plan living space your house will instantly feel larger and more spacious and will your family to see more of each other. If you have already purchased a house where the dining room, kitchen and living room are separate, consider knocking down the dividing walls to create one big space. Don’t forget that you can always use Deer Park Self Storage to help control your clutter during the renovations process.

open plan living

Large Windows

Another building solution for creating a more spacious home is to bring a bit of the outdoors inside. Installing large windows or ceiling to floor sliding doors throughout the house will bring natural light into the house and make the whole house appear more open, spacious and less boxed in. To complete the full effect plant up your garden beds with plants such as lilies, golden palms or bamboo. As the plants grow they will help keep the house cool in summer and will create a beautiful outlook.

big windows

Build a Balcony

One of our favourite building hacks for creating more space is to extend your structure past the walls with a large balcony or patio. Creating a semi-covered outdoor space adds a whole other room to your house that you can enjoy all year round. Furnish it with comfy outdoor furniture, a table setting or turn into the ultimate relaxing space with fairy lights, a spa and heater for those cooler winter months. This new add-on is sure to be a favourite amongst your friends, family and the household.

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